Introducing Spine Stretcher of Dr. Nakhimovsky

Are you suffering from a back pain? Try our stretcher! New revolutionary approach. Only 10 minutes a day.

Spine Stretcher is a device that will help you quickly, simply and effectively improve the condition

of your spine.

Remember the ancient wisdom: If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.


  • stretches the spine

  • relieves muscle spasms

  • increases the distance between the vertebrae

  • facilitates disk decompression

  • stops pinched nerves

  • restores displaced vertebrae


7 Reasons To Buy The Stretcher

1. It really works, if you bought it and use it regularly.
2. You buy it only once but you and your family members will be using it for many years
3. It is all in one - a chiropractor, emergency, pain prevention and the key to health right in your home.
4. It is the simplest, most effective and most convenient device in the world.
5. This is a big saving of time and money, that you can now spend not on treatment but on yourself. IT IS NOT A WASTE OF MONEY BUT AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR OWN HEALTH
6. Pain goes away. You now need less medications that have a lot of side effects.
7. You will very quickly learn how to use a stretcher and you can help your relatives and friends

Made in the United States