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Read that before you start

Do not rush, the tool you have in your hands is your health restoration assistant, that you're going to use for many years. You need to get used to it.
This device, the STRETCHER OF DR. NAKHIMOVSKY ™, will help you to restore your health by improving the condition of your spine.
Recall the ancient wisdom: If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.
The good news is that from now you can work with your spine yourself, without even leaving your home, without wasting time and money.
Your health is in your hands


At the bottom of the stretcher we insert a long stick - emphasis. We put the soft colored plastic tubes on it to soften the pressure. Insert a short stick into one of the holes in the upper part.

Spinal Stretching 

Sit just on a regular chair. Feet necessarily together!!! We put the lower part of the stretcher on the hips as close to the stomach as possible. Then select the hole necessary for height and insert a short stick there, as far as you can reach.
Take short stick by hands. It is intentionally made short so that you put your hands as close to the vertical guide as possible. If you put your hands correctly, the bar will be horizontal. We fix the lower part, move it as close to the stomach as possible. Gently and slowly lean forward. If you put the top bar in the wrong hole, rearrange it higher or lower and continue stretching. Leaning forward, relax completely.
Lean forward gently. Feel how you are pulled forward, and the spine is stretched. Do not hurry. Perhaps you should stop and wait and then continue stretching further. Your task is to increase the distance between the vertebrae, to relieve pressure on the intervertebral discs.
If your vertebrae are displaced, they can snap into place when stretched. You will hear or feel a click.
If you do everything right, you can stretch to bend to 45-60 degrees from the vertical.
Before the pain disappears completely, it is better to work with stretching 3-4 times a day for 30-60 seconds with intervals of 1-2 minutes. Last time is better before going to bed. Do not forget to do other exercises and meditations.
Do not forget to do other exercises and meditations.

Get well soon. Good luck to you.

Dr. Naum Nakhimovsky

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