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How to order from us

You may

1. Order from the site and receive it right home by mail.

2. If you live in New York, you may pay and pickup right at the office, and receive a gift - box of herbal tea (30 bags):

  • cleansing tea - improves motility of intestine, cleans it out, treats constipation;

  • female beauty tea - normalizes hormonal level, improves skin and hair condition, increases well-being;

If you need to buy more than one stretcher, call to the office and find out about our special discounted prices.

Phones: 347-699-8939, 917-863-1818

Address: 3049 Brighton 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11235

I’m pretty sure, there are people around who suffering from a back pain. You may help them by sharing your experience with the stretcher. Let it be more joy and less pain in our world. And let's make it together.


American Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor

Naum Nakhimovsky
3049 Brighton 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11235.   

For appointment call us 347-699-8939; 917-863-1818

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